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Zite Launches Major New Update, CNN Trends

Zite Launches Major New Update, CNN Trends

December 4, 2012
The Zite Personalized Magazine has received an impressive new update – its first since March. Zite 2.0 also includes a fancy new logo. First released in 2010, Zite was one of the first news apps for iPad. After being purchased by CNN in 2011, however, Zite updates were kept to the minimum until now. Zite 2.0 still uses their unique discovery algorithm that “learns” what type of news each user expects to see. Yet now, it is even smarter, as it expands from 2,500 to over 40,000 categories to explore. Additionally, there are now new subcategories under “Your Top Stories.” These include Headline News, Featured Topics, and Popular Stories. Better still, the app finally supports the iPhone 5’s larger screen. It also requires iOS 6 across all devices. Other features include:
  • New Explore page helps you find interesting topics
  • Jump to topics from anywhere in Zite to find great related content
  • Rate stories by simply swiping them up or down (iPad only)
  • Link Facebook to get automatic topic suggestions and improve your personalization
Along with the update, the Zite team has also been busy building CNN Trends for the parent company. Using Zite’s exclusive algorithm, the site cultivates content across the blogosphere. As such, CNN Trends includes perspectives from different sources, not just from those under the Time Warner umbrella. Next year, Zite plans on introducing personalization into other CNN properties. Zite 2.0 is available in the App Store.

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