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As Apple Celebrates 36th Birthday, Here Are 15 Events That Shaped The Company

As Apple Celebrates 36th Birthday, Here Are 15 Events That Shaped The Company

January 4, 2013
On Jan. 3, 1977, Apple Computer, Inc. was born when the company became incorporated. As Cupertino celebrates their anniversary, we look back at 15 events that shaped the company during the past 36 years. Apr. 16, 1977 The Apple II is introduced at the first West Coast Computer Faire. It includes a MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor running at 1Mhz, 4KB of RAM, and an audio cassette interface. Dec. 12, 1980 Apple goes pubic at $22 per share. When it does, it generates more capital than any IPO since Ford Motor Company in 1956. Within moments, the world has 300 new millionaires. Jan. 22, 1984

Steve Jobs and Apple introduce the “1984” commercial during Super Bowl XVIII which pits the Washington Redskins against the eventual winner, the Los Angeles Raiders. The ad is still considered one of the best ads ever created. Jan. 24, 1984 Two days after “1984” airs, Jobs introduces the world to the very first Macintosh. It becomes the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface. Before the end of 1985, Jobs leaves Apple. For nearly a decade, the company is in decline. July 9, 1997 Apple CEO Gil Amelio is ousted and Jobs returns as interim CEO. Eventually, interim would be dropped from his title.  Aug. 15, 1998 Cupertino unveils a new all-in-one computer called the iMac that was created by Jony Ive. The executive, of course, who later help create the iPhone, iPad and next-generation Macs. May 19, 2001 Apple opens the company’s first two retail stores in Virginia and California. By the end of 2012, that number had risen to almost 400 stores worldwide. Oct. 23, 2001

The iPod is announced which reboots the entire music industry. Apr. 28, 2003 The iTunes Music Store launches. Users are now able to download songs and albums legally on their computers and place them on mobile devices. Later, books, TV shows, movies, and of course, apps were added to the iTunes store. Jan. 9, 2007 Apple Computer, Inc. becomes Apple, Inc. since the company was no longer focused solely on computers. June 29, 2007 The first iPhone goes on sale. Since then, sales for Apple’s smartphone have increased each year. To date, Apple has released six iPhone versions. July 10, 2008 The App Store opens, offering third-party developers a way to sell their products for use on the iPhone/iPod touch, and eventually, the iPad. Apr. 3, 2010

The first-generation iPad is launched in the U.S. Apple would sell 500,000 units before the end of the first week. There have now been four iPad versions and one iPad mini. Oct. 5, 2011 At 56, Jobs dies. In August, he had resigned as Apple CEO and was replaced by Tim Cook. Aug. 20, 2012 Apple’s stock rises enough to make the company the largest in the world in terms of value.

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