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CES 2013: Is PhoneJoy The iOS Game Controller You've Been Waiting For?

CES 2013: Is PhoneJoy The iOS Game Controller You've Been Waiting For?

January 14, 2013
There’s definitely no shortage of iOS game controllers on the market. The problem is, most of them lack support for anything other than iCade mode. In my opinion, the key to an iOS game controller's success is support from a big developer. The Duo Gamer has a shot at making the iOS game controller hall of fame, but it only works with Gameloft titles at the moment. Hopefully PhoneJoy will hold the key to widespread integration, but we won’t know the truth until it’s too late. Recently funded through Kickstarer, this new mobile gaming controller has the good looks, but will it receive mainstream success? While visiting the PhoneJoy booth at CES 2013, they informed me that Rockstar Games is supportive of their new controller. Having a big game titles like Grand Theft Auto III will hopefully convince other developers to hop on board with the PhoneJoy SDK. PhoneJoy is compatible with around 150 Android-compatible games and 200 iOS titles in iCade mode. I really love the design of this controller, but I’ve almost given up on iOS game developers conforming to a controller standard. PhoneJoy offers compatibility with a wide variety of devices through its expandable design, but will iOS devices miss out on mainstream games due to poor developer support? As mentioned in the video below, PhoneJoy will be available in February or March for around $70. You can find out more information about the PhoneJoy mobile gaming controller on the company’s website. Check out our video interview with PhoeJoy at CES 2013 below:

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