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Get A Third Generation iPad On The Cheap From Woot

Get A Third Generation iPad On The Cheap From Woot

January 29, 2013
If you’ve been looking for a great deal on an iPad, today is your lucky day! Woot is offering refurbished third generation Wi-Fi only iPads at a steep discount - $399.99 for 16GB of storage space or $449.99 for 32GB of storage space. That’s $20 off the prices you will find in the refurbished section of the online Apple Store, and it’s an even more impressive deal because at the moment, you can’t even get a 16GB refurbished Wi-Fi iPad from Apple. The third generation iPad has been discontinued by Apple in favor of the newer fourth generation iPad, but it’s still a formidable device with an A5X chip, a Retina display, and 1GB of RAM. Want to get in on the deal? Just visit Cheap iPads aren't the only deal Woot is offering for Apple lovers today. If you’re a music fanatic, you can get several different iRig accessories at a discount from Woot. Here’s a list of what’s on sale:
  • Mobile Mixer & iPad Stand Bundle, 55 percent off at $59.00
  • Podcasting Mic for iOS Devices, 27 percent off at $29.00
  • Microphone Preamp for iOS Devices, 27 percent off at $29.00
  • iPhone/iPod Music Stand Adapter, 52 percent off at $19.00
  • Studio Desktop Stand for iPad, 37 percent off at $19.00
Woot is offering one final deal - the Sound Logic iTower Bluetooth Speaker, priced at just $58.99. It normally costs $79.99, so that’s 26 percent off of the list price. The iTower features four speakers with a vented bass enclosure along with a 30-pin docking station and a compact design that fits easily into your living space. Get it at Woot’s Sellout site.