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Get Creative With Your Photos Using Bucket Labs’ New App Stickr

Get Creative With Your Photos Using Bucket Labs’ New App Stickr

January 1, 2013
Bucket Labs has two photo apps in the App Store - Phoster, and Grid Lens. While Grid Lens has experienced some problems since launch, Phoster has been a popular poster making iPhone app for the last two years. Stickr is the company’s third photography app, and it allows users to add an array of realistic looking stickers to pictures. The app can import photos from the camera roll or take new photos, and it also has several different filters that can be applied. Stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, though all have a realistic appearance to them. Though the app looks cluttered at first glance, it’s fairly simple to use. All of the stickers are located on a single page, and scrolling down will allow you to access all of them. Stickers are organized into the following categories: Basic, Shape, Illustration, Paper, and Paint. The stickers come in different shapes and sizes, and many have random sayings. Some of the stickers that have words can be altered to say whatever you like, and all of the stickers can be resized, rotated, and moved to any part of the photo. Because the stickers can be customized, you can use them to decorate photos, create scenes, and set moods. In total, the app has 110 different stickers, supporting a huge variety of designs. Stickr can currently be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99.

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