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Jam For iPhone Hopes To Make You A Rock Star One Song At A Time

Jam For iPhone Hopes To Make You A Rock Star One Song At A Time

January 14, 2013
Jam for iPhone is now available in the App Store. The free app takes any vocal, and automatically adjusts the pitch and key to build a structured song. The result makes even the tone-deaf among us rock stars. Created by DreamWalk Mobile, Jam for iPhone includes a number of different musical styles and tempos. These include Pop Ballad, Pop Rock, Club Pop, and more. To record a new song, simply select record. Jam for iPhone performs its magic by detecting the incoming vocal pitch, musical key, and song structure. From there, it auto-tunes the voice, and produces original backing music. Features include:
  • Create awesome original songs in seconds
  • No musical talent required
  • Share your songs with friends on Facebook or your fans in Jam
  • Break into the Jam charts
  • Unlock cool musical style packs
  • Earn royalties and virtual badges
  • Get signed to a record label
Although Jam for iPhone is free to download, only the Pop Rock style is available for free. Additional styles may be purchased with so-called royalty points for $0.99 and up. Regardless, Jam for iPhone looks promising and is available for download now.

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