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PlugBug World Turns Your MacBook Power Adapter Into A Dual Charger

PlugBug World Turns Your MacBook Power Adapter Into A Dual Charger

January 23, 2013
Any frequent traveler will tell you that it is a real pain to have to stock up on various chargers and cables when hitting the road. Now that Apple has replaced the traditional 30-pin connector with the Lightning connector, it is even worse. Twelve South has an adapter that will make your travel bag just a little bit lighter with the PlugBug. If you happen to be an international traveler, the PlugBug World is right up your alley. The PlugBug is an all-in-one USB charger that connects to your MacBook power adapter, turning it into a dual charger so you can simultaneously charge your laptop and iOS device. The device attaches to your power adapter by replacing its plug or extended power cord. It features a USB port with 2.1 amp charging capability.

The PlugBug World comes with five different snap-on plugs so you can charge your devices all over the world. The snap-on international adapters also work as stand alone USB chargers so you can plug your iOS device directly into a wall outlet. The device boasts up to five times greater charging speed than a MacBook. Each PlugBug World comes with the charger, the five international adapters, and a convenient carrying case.

The original PlugBug is available from the company’s website for $34.99. The international traveling PlugBug World can be purchased from the company’s website for $44.99. Both models will be available at Apple Retail Stores and authorized Apple resellers worldwide later this year.

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