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Stanford Once Again Offering iOS Development Course For Free Through iTunes U, Piazza

Stanford Once Again Offering iOS Development Course For Free Through iTunes U, Piazza

January 24, 2013
One of the most celebrated iOS development courses is once again being offered for free. Stanford’s Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013) is available through Piazza and iTunes U. Offered by Stanford’s School of Engineering, the course runs through March 28. Taught by Paul Hegarty, the course will cover programming on iOS 6. According to a description on iTunes U, the course will include:
Updated for iOS 6. Tools and APIs required to build applications for the iPhone and iPad platform using the iOS SDK. User interface designs for mobile devices and unique user interactions using multi-touch technologies. Object-oriented design using model-view-controller paradigm, memory management, Objective-C programming language. Other topics include: object-oriented database API, animation, multi-threading and performance considerations. Stanford's most celebrated iTunes U course includes peer collaboration, so you can learn alongside fellow mobile developers from around the world. If you've tried it alone and gotten stuck, now there will be people to help. If you've taken it before and aced it, now you can sharpen your knowledge by helping others. And if you've been meaning to learn Developing Apps for iPhone & iPad, there may never be a better time. We call this experiment Coding Together. It's free, and it's going on from January 22 through March 28. We think it will be fun, and you're invited to join. Coding Together uses Piazza, the same social learning platform that Stanford students use in the on-campus version of the class. You'll follow along with Professor Hegarty's lectures and complete the assignments in time with the class. Got a question? Ask on Piazza and one of your peers will help -- probably within minutes.
It should be noted that while anyone can subscribe to the free course via iTunes U, students are encouraged to also sign up through the Piazza collaboration platform. This social learning service, which is also free, is used by Stanford students. With it, students are able to assist each other and get more from the class. Registration for the course on Piazza closes on Feb. 1. For anyone looking to learn how to program for iOS, signing up for this course is really a no-brainer. Not only is the course absolutely free, but it is considered one of the best ways to learn iOS in a structured, classroom-like environment. For more information, visit the Stanford’s Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013) page in iTunes U.

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