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TwitPic Founder Says That It’s Time To Say Heello Again

Twitpic founder Noah Everett is out with a new version of Heello. Currently available through a public beta, the service is a cross between Twitter and, but is something completely different, according to The Next Web. Originally launched in 2011, Heello in its present form is being advertised as an “open, real-time sharing platform.” With it, users can share photos, videos, and more through the use of “pings,” which may be public or private. Like, Heello is for developers. Unlike, Heello is being offered for free, at least for the time being. According to a posting on the Heello website:
As other social networks are walling themselves off, we are committed to providing an open ecosystem for everyone, with our user’s best interest always in mind. Also as a user you will always own your data. Heello is for Developers: We believe that developers are an important part to a successful platform. We want to provide developers with an easy platform and a friendly ecosystem to build on without worry of being pushed off.
Heello is currently only available through the Web. However, apps for iOS and Android are expected soon. Given Everett's past success, I wouldn't be surprise to see Heello take off. However, there will have to be a reason for users to switch. In particular, Heello faces a huge challenge from, which has proven quite popular with developers and other techies since launching in 2012. To join the Heello beta, click here. Source: The Next Web
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