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Amazon, Apple Battle It Out At Top Of New Customer Satisfaction Survey

Amazon, Apple Battle It Out At Top Of New Customer Satisfaction Survey

February 14, 2013
Foresee surveyed 6,200 customers about their online shopping experience at 25 of the top mobile commerce companies. Amazon, Apple, and QVC scored the highest, followed closely by NewEgg, and Victoria’s Secret. The survey, which surveyed participants between Thanksgiving and Christmas, showed that the overall ratings of the top 25 companies improved year-over-year. In 2012, the average satisfaction score was 78 out of 100. A year before, the average was 76. The companies that scored lowest this year included Target, Walmart,, and Shop NBC.

Other findings include:
  • At the aggregate level, customers rate their traditional web experiences (79) very similarly to their mobile experiences (78). But at the individual company level, satisfaction varies between retailers’ websites and mobile sites.
  • More than half of respondents visited the company’s website as their first step in shopping experience (57%) and were highly satisfied with that interaction (80).
  • Only 6% reported visiting the company’s website, mobile site, or app via mobile phone as their first step while shopping, but they are a very satisfied group (80).
  • Customers are more satisfied with their mobile experience for retailers than with financial services. In a similar study of financial services mobile experience conducted in November, the average satisfaction score for the largest financial services companies’ mobile sites and apps scored 77, trailing retailers, which scored 78 in this report.
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