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AppAdvice's Top Themes For Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPod touch

AppAdvice's Top Themes For Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPod touch

February 10, 2013
If you’re looking for some great themes for your jailbroken iOS device, we've put together a list of our favorites. These themes may not be free, but they’re definitely worth a look and will allow you to get the most out of your device. Whether you’re new to jailbreaking, or a seasoned veteran, these themes are definitely some of the best ones in the Cydia store. Check out our video overview below:

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First on our list is Carla For iOS. This theme adds beautiful icons and also customizes the look of certain stock iOS apps. All of the options for this theme are available within Winterboard. There's also a version for non-Retina devices as well. Carla For iOS is available in the MacCiti repository for $1.99. Carla For iOS features:
  • Renewed User Interface with an amazing 3D Effect
  • Custom Lock Screen
  • Widget Lock Screen with Weather Widget
  • Auto-app mask for App Store apps
  • More than a hundred masked/customized Cydia app icons
  • Phone, iPod, Weather, Compass, Maps... app skins
  • Custom Folders and Notification Center
  • Status Bar icons
  • SMS/chatkit skin
The next theme you should check out is Jaku. This theme comes packed with beautiful icons and also adds subtle changes throughout iOS. The attention to detail in Jaku is pretty impressive. The icons look fantastic and it really gives your device a different look and feel. Jaku is available in the MacCiti repository for only $2.99. Here's a brief description of Jaku from Cydia:
Jaku is Japanese for “tranquility” or “quiet solitude.” The theme includes icons for all default Apple applications and over 100 3rd party apps. It also includes modifications to the Notification Center, Alerts, Lock Screen, Mission Control, and numerous other UI elements. The changes aren't drastic and do not depart entirely from Apple's design philosophies. Rather, they are subtle refinements, meant to compliment and further refine iOS.
The final theme on our list is Ayecon. This is one of my favorite themes and definitely adds the most customization to your jailbroken iOS device. Ayecon is available in the BigBoss repository for only $2.99. Here's a description from Ayecon's official website:
In ayecon, every icon shares its own a little story and every detail's surreal from the fabric texture to the brushed metal volume scrubber. ayecon comes preloaded with everything that you'd ever want in a theme from over 120+ icons plus auto-app mask to full system user interface modifications. Once you use this theme, converting back to stock just won't be the same.
Check out our video overview to get a closer look at these themes. Also, be sure to let us know which theme is your favorite in the comments below.

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