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Handmade Highlights: Protect Your iPad Or iPad mini With These Environmentally Friendly Cases

Last time on Handmade Highlights, I shared some impressive iPad stands that are actually functional old-fashioned typewriters. Today I’ve decided to return to one of my favorite accessories to share - iPad cases! I adore these slim and stylish iPad and iPad mini sleeves from Etsy seller Goodluckgoods, because they are designed to look similar to old-fashioned book covers and postcards. The cases are constructed from waterproof, rip-resistant and recyclable kraft paper fabric or cellulose fiber, which means they’re slim, durable, and good for the environment. Most importantly, they look amazing. Check out this one for the full-sized iPad that is designed to look like a postcard. Each of these cases offers a padded interior, which means your iPad or iPad mini will be safe from bumps and scratches. The Clutches come equipped with a strap so you can carry them on your wrist. These vintage style sleeves range in price from $36 for the iPad mini cases to $49 for the iPad clutches. You can purchase them from Etsy, but expect a 2.5 week delay for shipping. I think these sweet cases are worth the wait!
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