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Macworld/iWorld 2013: Krome Case Offers A Variety Of Functionality

Macworld/iWorld 2013: Krome Case Offers A Variety Of Functionality

February 5, 2013
It’s been said that the iPhone, with its host of apps available, is like a Swiss Army Knife. But what would you get if you strapped a Swiss Army Knife inside of another one? The Krome Case, with its set of two modular iPhone cases, answers that question. Krome was at Macworld/iWorld 2013 to talk about their two new products for the iPhone, the CompactCase and the CargoCase. Both cases serve the same function, though they differ in the amount of storage offered. As you may have guessed, the CompactCase is the thinner of the two. But “compact” doesn’t just refer to its size. The back of the case opens to reveal a mirror, which can be used to help you look your best. When using a flashlight app, your phone becomes a lighted compact. The case also has room for an ID card and a credit card, though that is it. Those looking for more storage and options would like the CompactCase’s big brother, the CargoCase. This case has a slightly larger form factor, which allows for 12 business cards, 10 bills, five plastic cards (such as ID and credit cards), or a card-sized tool. And yes, you can get the mirror as well with this. Both of the cases sport an interchangeable cartridge, meaning you can swap out different colors, and very soon will be able to change the case’s functionality. Other cartridges (called “accs”) will be available soon, including:
  • SolarCase for charging
  • BatteryCase for more power
  • LaserCase for a presentation laser
  • MeterCase for tracking blood glucose levels
  • MemoryCase for a portable hard drive
  • ToolCase with its different available tools
Krome has managed to take full advantage of the iPhone’s back by adding such a variety of functionality. Your iPhone can handle the software you need in your daily life, while the Krome case can address the hardware needed. Both the CompactCase and CargoCase are sold for $39.95, and ordering information can be found on Krome's site. Need a Swiss Army Knife? There’s an acc for that.

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