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Macworld/iWorld 2013: Customize Your iPhone 5 With The iLumina Case From Bodydock

Macworld/iWorld 2013: Customize Your iPhone 5 With The iLumina Case From Bodydock

February 5, 2013

During our time with our iPhones, I’m sure that we’ve ended up with multiple cases, and most of them end up sitting in a dusty old drawer somewhere in the house. The reason they end up stowed away is more than likely because we end up becoming bored with them over time. Fortunately, Bodydock has a solution for this: the iLumina case for your iPhone 5.

The iLumina case consists of a shock absorbent slimline case, an interchangeable iBand that wraps around the edges of the main shell, and the decorative LuminArt graphic inserts.

For those who don’t like to be tied down with one look on their case, this is perfect. There are about 12 different colors for the iBand, which is similar to an iPhone bumper from Apple. The main shell also has a removable bottom piece, which allows users to slide their graphic insert into the case, so that the design shows off on the backside.

Along with the iLumina case, you will receive a QR code on the first graphic insert you pick. When a user scans this code, they will enter in their mailing information. Then, for the next six months, the user will get a ping on their phone that will remind them to go online and select a new color for the iBand, as well as another LuminArt graphic for their case. This means that you will end up with one case, but many different looks for it over time.

So the big question is how much will this all cost you? Surprisingly, the iLumina case is only $29.99 and the QR code is included with your initial case, so you will have a six month supply of looks for only $30.

If you’re a big fan of customizing your iPhone 5 to make it stand out from the rest, then you will definitely want to check out the iLumina case from Bodydock. You can find out more about the iLumina on their website.

Our own Dom Esposito was on the scene at Macworld/iWorld 2013 to talk to the folks at Bodydock about the cool new iLumina case! You can check out the video below. If the video is not showing, you can find it here.

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