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Macworld/iWorld 2013: Protect Your iPad And iPhone With Juce Mobile

Macworld/iWorld 2013: Protect Your iPad And iPhone With Juce Mobile

February 5, 2013

Juce Mobile is a new company that has a slew of new products coming out for Spring 2013 for your iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. We got to take a look at some of their upcoming products at Macworld/iWorld 2013, and we think they’re pretty cool!

Currently, if you visit their website, you can buy their only product available on the site at the moment, which is their appleJuce. This is a green apple scented cleaning liquid that is used to clean the screen of your iPhone or iPad, television screens, computer monitors, and even glasses. Any surface that may require cleaning, this product can do it! Plus, how can one resist the delicious scent of green apples? They sell the cleanser by itself, or in kits with cleaning cloths. You can also get some separate cleaning cloths too, if you need them.

While at Macworld/iWorld, Juce Mobile was selling their new line of products, which offer protection for your iPhone and iPad. The first new product was the Smart Jacket for iPad mini (they also have a version for the regular sized iPad), which is a two-piece set of a back panel and a smart cover (it looks exactly like Apple’s own), and these can be used together or separately. The cover for the iPad mini does not feature a felt hinge, which is the design that Apple went with for their own, but rather a metal hinge, just like the original Smart Cover. This will hold on to your iPad mini a lot better than the felt, so it’s more secure.

For your iPhone, they will be offering the Juce Peel, which is a tempered screen protector. These will go over the entire front glass panel of your iPhone, and they will come in a variety of colors. So if you have been wanting to change the color of your iPhone, but are afraid of voiding the warranty, then this is a great, temporary solution. Of course, when you put the tempered screen protectors on your phone, the home button is a bit recessed, which can be a bit annoying when you press it. Juce Mobile also has metallic buttons that go over your home button when the tempered screen protector is on, which make it flush with the rest of the skin. These buttons come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that suits you best.

We were pretty impressed with Juce Mobile’s offerings at the show, so we look forward to seeing their entire Spring 2013 line launch and be available to the rest of the public.

Check out our own Dom as he went hands-on with the products on the show floor at the Juce Mobile booth. If you can't view the video below, you can check out the video here.

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