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Magic Case Reduces Radiation And Serves As Wallet, Will Not Julienne Fries

Magic Case Reduces Radiation And Serves As Wallet, Will Not Julienne Fries

February 11, 2013
Are you disappointed with the versatility of your iPhone case? Have you always wished it could do more? If so, the Magic Case just might be for you. This case, which can be found on Indiegogo, promises to fulfill a wide range of functions. Here’s what it can do:
  • Open beer bottles
  • Stick to the refrigerator or other magnetic surface
  • Act as a stand
  • Act as a Smart Cover with sleep/wake functionality
  • Display the time
  • Reduce radiation
  • Hook onto things (like the car’s rearview mirror)
  • Serve as a wallet
  • Hold headphones
  Unfortunately, what the Magic Case has in utility, it lacks in style. While the creator compares it to a Swiss Army Knife, I think we can all agree that those utility knives possess a certain amount of panache, with their sleek designs and shiny red exteriors. The Magic Case may perform quite a few functions, but it’s oversized, bulky, and let’s be honest - downright unattractive. That fold over cover with the cutout holes for the time and the slide bar is unwieldy and has limited functionality. There’s a reason Apple has never created a Smart Cover for the iPhone, folks. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate utility as much as anyone, but not at the cost of design. Our iPhone 5s weigh 3.95 ounces, and the Magic Case adds another 1.3 ounces, not to mention it nearly doubles the thickness of the phone. And for all that bulk, the darn thing doesn’t even julienne fries. The Magic Case is an Indiegogo project. It is currently at $553 of $50,000, with over a month left to go. You can get your hands on a Magic Case (either for the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4/4S) for $19, with an estimated delivery of May 2013.

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