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Apple Is Looking To Expand The Number Of Retail Locations In India To 200

The so-called "iPhone mini" is likely to arrive later this year. When it does, Apple will no doubt heavily promote the handset in China and other developing nations. One of those is India, where Apple is set to increase the number of “exclusive stores,” which are known as Apple Premium Resellers there. According to India’s Economic Times, Apple plans to increase their presence in India. By 2015, in fact, Apple would like to see more than 200 reseller locations in the world’s second-most populous country, behind only China. At last count, there are 65 of these exclusive stores. In India, there are no official Apple retail stores due to government regulations that call for single-brand stores to source 30 percent of the goods they sell from local vendors. As a result, Apple works with these exclusive stores to sell their wares. As part of the push to expand, Apple is said to be working very closely with Indian retailers to better brand each location. All upgrades will be reimbursed by Apple. See also: In Shift In Strategy, Apple Slashes The Price Of iTunes Songs To 29 Cents ... In India, and New Data Shows Why China Is Such An Important Market For Apple.
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