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FX Photo Studio HD 5.0 For iPad Is Finally Here

The folks over at MacPhun have announced the launch of FX Photo Studio HD 5.0 for iPad. The app, usually priced at $2.99, is on sale for $1.99. The photo-editing app first launched for iPad in 2010 soon after Apple’s first generation tablet debuted. Since then, however, updates have been in short supply. Prior to the 5.0 release, FX Photo Studio HD hadn’t been updated since September 2011. Regardless, this is probably the update that many loyal customers have been waiting for, and one that should appeal to new users too. FX Photo Studio HD 5.0 includes better image processing, increased performance, and a notable productivity boast. Most importantly, the app has finally been updated for iOS 6, and is compatible with the Retina display on the iPad 2, and later models. In addition, the app has received performance updates for the first-generation iPad mini. Take a look:

The app comes standard with over 190 photo effects in 20 different categories including Distortion, Overlay, and Vintage. Five separate theme packs will set you back an additional $0.99 each. These include Art Frames, Color Stokes, and Hollywood FX. We’re glad to see FX Photo Studio HD finally updated, and hope to see more tweaks arrive in the coming months, not years. The app is available for download here. A separate iPhone version is also available. [gallery]
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