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No Jailbreak Required: Hide Stock iOS Apps With HiddenApps

No Jailbreak Required: Hide Stock iOS Apps With HiddenApps

March 11, 2013
Every once in a while, an app slips through Apple’s approval process and ends up in the App Store. Today, an app called HiddenApps made its debut, but it won’t last very long. This app allows you to hide stock iOS apps without a jailbreak and it’s pretty fantastic. Somehow, HiddenApps slipped through the cracks and was overlooked by Apple’s approval team. It’s an excellent app that adds a great feature to your non-jailbroken device. The best part is, HiddenApps is completely free. Check out our video overview below:

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If you’d like to download this app, you can get it here. When these kind of apps make it into the App Store, they never last very long, so I'd grab HiddenApps as soon as possible. Once you’ve installed this free app, sync your device with iTunes and save it. If you ever switch devices or have to restore, it will be available on your computer after Apple removes it. As an added bonus, this app also allows you to disable iAds within apps on your device. HiddenApps was created by David Goelzhaeuser. If you'd like to bring the hidden apps back, all you have to do is reboot the iOS device. The hidden apps will restore to their original home screen positions after the the device has finished rebooting. Update: This app has been removed from the App Store. If you'd like to hide apps without a jailbreak, there are a couple of alternatives like PassHack or Rag3Hack. Source: App Store Via: iDownloadBlog

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