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The New TeamLabBody App Shows The Human Body In 3-D Motion

The New TeamLabBody App Shows The Human Body In 3-D Motion

March 21, 2013
A new app has arrived for the iPad that could change how each of us studies the human body. The $29.99 teamLabBody-3D Motion Human Anatomy app is available now in the App Store. The folks behind the new tool call it the first 3-D human anatomy app to reproduce the arrangement and movement of a living human. Using it, medical experts and amateurs alike can see 3-D models from CT and MRI scan data. In total, 827 diagrams of the human body are covered, and nearly 1,000 detailed explanations of human body parts. Uses include:
1. To gain practical knowledge of the human anatomy and kinematics. With teamLabBody, the forms and movements of a living human body can be seen in 3D with detailed descriptions, supporting your study on human anatomy and kinematics. 2. For treatment and surgical planning This medical app is useful for orthopedists and physiotherapists during treatment planning. 3. To explain to patients The operation of this app is easy, and the visuals are easy for patients to understand, making this app useful when explaining to patients during examinations.
The app is available for download here. A "lite" version is also available for $0.99. This version covered only the head and neck. See also: Access The No. 1 Drug Guide Right On Your iDevice With The Pill Book All-In-One App.

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