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With MessageMe One Can Communicate With Anyone Regardless Of Platform

MessageMe is a new communications tool for iOS and Android devices. The free app helps users share photos, videos, music, and anything else regardless of operating system. A free alternative to the sometimes costly SMS messaging technology, MessageMe includes a number of unique tools that may help it stand out. These include:
  • Unlimited chat for FREE. Uses WiFi, 3G, EDGE or LTE. No annoying ads ever!
  • No carrier or network charges. No international SMS costs. Chat for FREE all over the world!
  • Adding contacts is easy. Use Facebook or a secret PIN like BBM.
  • Group chat feature keeps all your friends in touch!
  • Share photos from Facebook, Instagram or your camera. Share your own videos as well!
  • Post music & YouTube videos directly into messages.
  • Share your location. Let friends & family know where you are!
  • Push-to-talk recording & walkie talkie feature.
  • Draw & doodle! Then add one of hundreds of stickers & emojis available to express yourself with!
  • All-in-one sharing to Facebook and Twitter
MessageMe looks promising. It is available now in the App Store. [gallery]
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