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Amazon Cloud Drive Sync Arrives For Mac

Amazon is making it simpler for Mac users to sync their files across multiple devices. The largest online retailer in the world has introduced a new version of their Cloud Drive application for Windows and Mac, Available for free, Cloud Drive serves as a replacement for Dropbox or Google Drive. Therefore, if you are already using one of those services, Cloud Drive isn’t really necessary. For all others, it is certainly worth checking out. After installing Cloud Drive, you’ll be asked to create a folder on your Mac using your credentials. From there, you can add documents, videos, and photos. The Cloud Drive uses File Sync, so that you’ll always have the latest version of your files via your computer, or Web browser. For the time being, there is no Cloud Drive app for iOS. Currently, Amazon is offering everyone 5GB of free storage. Additional storage is available for as little as $10 per year. Amazon introduced Cloud Drive in 2011.  
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