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Another New iOS 7 Concept Video Arrives

Another New iOS 7 Concept Video Arrives

April 24, 2013
A new iOS 7 concept video has been released by Rafael Justino, a Brazilian designer. The concept is said to be based “on the simple design of Jonathan Ive and many other concepts and rumors about iOS 7.” Take a look:

Overall, I like Justino’s concept. In particular, his notification center concept is just fabulous in my humble opinion. However, he does seem to spend way too much time at redesigning the Clock app, for whatever reason. Nonetheless, job well done. See also: New iOS 7 Concept Demonstrates Cool Homescreen Toggle ControlsA New iOS 7 Concept Includes A New Take On Widgets, Addition Of Mission Control And More, and A Brilliant iOS 7 Concept And Video.

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