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Dominate Your Fantasy Baseball League With These Apps

Dominate Your Fantasy Baseball League With These Apps

April 13, 2013
For sports fans, the arrival of spring signals two important occasions: the beginning of baseball season and perhaps more importantly, the start of a new fantasy baseball season. At its heart, fantasy baseball is a game in which participants manage imaginary rosters full of real-life baseball players. What makes the game so rich is the amount of depth and variety with which it can be played. There is rotisserie versus head-to-head, auctions instead of straight drafts, and keeper leagues, which allow you to carry players from year to year. The player pools and statistical categories can be manipulated and modified to appeal to both the casual fan and the devoted follower of sabermetrics. In short, for many, fantasy baseball is the ultimate game. This AppList features different apps, which will cater to the needs of different team owners, as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Updated AppList: Fantasy Baseball Apps

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