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Even As It Celebrates Its Third Birthday, The iPad Is Still Doomed Say The Skeptics

Even As It Celebrates Its Third Birthday, The iPad Is Still Doomed Say The Skeptics

April 4, 2013
Three years ago this week, the first iPad launched in the U.S. Since then, Apple has offered three follow-up devices, a first-generation iPad mini, and of course, thousands of iPad-specific apps created by countless developers. Through January, over 120 million iPads have been sold, more than any other tablet in the world. Apple will announce quarterly sales numbers on April 23, which is likely to add at least 20 million more to that number. Of course, when Steve Jobs announced the iPad in January 2010, not everyone was convinced that the iPhone maker could score once again. In fact, even now, the skeptics remain. AAPLinventors has kept a running diary of sorts called the "iPad Death Watch" that records some of the crazier comments made about Apple’s tablet. Here are just a few of them:
“You might want to tell me the difference between a large phone and a tablet.” Eric Schmidt, Google, 10 January 2010
“Apple iPad – failure, joke or fiasco? Pick one” Linen DeFiller,, 27 January 2010
“5 Reasons Why Apple’s iPad Tablet Will Fail 1. It won’t fit in your pocket. 2. It’s too expensive. 3. It won’t replace the laptop. 4. You only get access to a watered-down Internet. 5. No one really needs an iPad.” Daniel Nations, Guide, 26 January 2010 “Fewer capabilities (than a netbook) but a similar size? Not a good start.” Lee Gomes, Forbes Asia Magazine, 5 March 2010 “There could literally be millions of first-generation iPads gathering dust in people’s home offices already. This product is the tech industry’s biggest MacGuffin yet.” Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro, 23 October 2010 “Such a shame. Add this to the list of interesting places on the Internet you can’t see on your device. Of course, if you had a Toshiba Tablet, you would enjoy the entire Internet. Yep, Flash sites too.” Toshiba ad when viewed on iPad, 22 January 2011
“Given what I’ve seen of Honeycomb and Motorola’s excellent tablet, Cupertino will have some serious catching up to do with their iPad 2.”
J.P. Mangalindan, Fortune, 4 February 2011
“Tablet PC fever receding, notebooks regaining interest.” J.T. Wang, Chairman, Acer, 24 Aug 2011
“Microsoft will ultimately muscle-out Apple as the leader in smartphones and tablets. Apple’s insistence on controlling every aspect of both its software and hardware puts it at a disadvantage to a more flexible Microsoft.” Charles Sizemore, Sizemore Capital, 29 Nov 2012
For more comical quotes, be sure to check out the ""iPad Death Watch." The iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini are expected later this year.

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