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Flashback To The '90s With This Colorful Budget iPhone Concept

Flashback To The '90s With This Colorful Budget iPhone Concept

April 3, 2013
The so-called iPhone 5S will likely look just like the iPhone 5. Therefore, it is the rumored budget iPhone that will get most of the attention this year in terms of design. What will this “iPhone mini” look like? Nickolay Lamm from MyVoucherCodes has a concept worth drooling over. His concept is based on recent rumors, plus some individual creativity. As you can see, Lamm’s iPhone mini prototype includes a chassis mixed with plastic and metal. Better still, the back case is translucent, just like the iMac G3. Colors presented include indigo, graphite, lime, ruby, tangerine, and of course, Apple’s famous Bondi Blue. In an email to AppAdvice, Lamm states:
Innovation in smartphones has stagnated and I feel that a fun design like this may turn the tables on Apple's competitors, who are always making minor hardware upgrades. Rather than focusing on major hardware innovations or inventing a new form factor, Apple can remind people of the incredible technology that goes into their products.
Personally, I think that Lamm's design looks absolutely amazing. What say you? See also: Drip, Drip: Another Analyst Sees An ‘iPhone mini’ In Apple’s Future, and Check Out These New 'Budget' iPhone Concepts. [gallery]

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