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Like These Mexture Wallpapers? There Will Soon Be An App For That

Like These Mexture Wallpapers? There Will Soon Be An App For That

April 20, 2013
Designer Merek Davis is about to unleash Mexture into the App Store. The app, which offers a new way to blend photos to give them a grungified look, is expected to arrive for the iPhone soon. Of the app, Davis says:
I've been working hard the past few months getting something ready for you all and I'm excited to announce it. :) The next release of mextures will be released as an iPhone app!  The Mextures App is a completely unique way of applying Mextures on your phone.  This type of editing process is a creative way to really think outside the box and create a style that's unique to you.  We've packed this app full of editing techniques that have never been done.  It's INCREDIBLY quick, fun, and simple to edit, or you can lose yourself in an experimental euphoria applying layer after layer of textures till your hearts content.
For some idea what the app may look like, I'd suggest checking out some of Davis' wallpaper designs for devices. Here are two examples, done by Kyle Gray:

Finally, check out this preview video:

 We will certainly let you know the moment Mextures arrives.  

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