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Mini Ninjas Gets Animal Companions, Panda Help Is On Its Way

When Mini Ninjas first launched in the App Store, we thought the adorable little endless runner was just about as cute as can be. At the time, there was an inaccessible section in the Dojo with a banner that read, “Coming Soon.” I didn’t think much of it until this morning when SQUARE ENIX released an update that features animal companions. Animal companions are spells that transmogrify you into a beast so that you can attack your enemies, free your friends, and fly over obstacles. There is a puffy panda, a sly fox, and a graceful crane. Once you’ve earned enough Koins, you can purchase an animal companion and you’ll be able to turn into the adorable creature in a similar manner to the way you can turn into one of your rescued friends. Smash the enemy with the weight of the panda. Jump higher with the help of your fox powers. Stay above the action while you glide through the sky as a crane. This free update to version 1.0.1 also includes “a range of fixes and tweaks.” Mini Ninjas is available for $0.99. If you haven’t already, pick it up in the App Store today and run like a fox to save your ninja friends.
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