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Osito Wants To Make Our Lives A Little Bit Easier

Osito Wants To Make Our Lives A Little Bit Easier

April 18, 2013
Sherpa, the “predictive intelligence app,” is out of beta and is now available in the App Store. However, instead of Sherpa, the app is now known as Osito. Available for free, the app is one-part calendar, another part personal assistant. Its goal is to take what it knows and learns about us and offer suggestions to make our days easier. Upon starting Osito for the first time, you’ll need to activate location services and push notifications, plus grant it calendar access. Additionally, you’ll need a Gmail account for Osito to assist with travel. Once setup, Osito will get to work. Unlike Siri, for example, which offers information reactively, Osito sees what is ahead and offers suggestions. These suggestions could take the form of weather alerts so you’re never caught without an umbrella, to letting you know when there is an accident 10 miles down the road. Other features include:
  • Travel details covered: Osito will alert you to your flight 24-hours before departure and as your pulling up to the airport, deliver your travel itinerary and boarding pass. When you land, Osito will deliver your hotel information or suggest the number of a local taxi -- saving you from searching through emails to get where you need to go.
  • Running late? Osito will let you know when you need to leave for your next meeting to make it on time.
We’re still testing Osito out, and will get back to you very soon with a review. In the meantime, the app is available now for download.

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