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Our April Fools' Day Joke Confirmed And Six More Pranks Making The Rounds

Our April Fools' Day Joke Confirmed And Six More Pranks Making The Rounds

April 1, 2013
For those who hadn’t yet figured it out, our piece on the “iNewton” was, in fact, an April Fools' Day joke. Here are six more floating around the blogosphere today, April 1.

Apple’s iWatch is just an iPhone ... on your wrist, TechCrunch

The biggest Apple product rumor of the year has been the so-called iWatch. However, the product mentioned today doesn’t include a flexible display or a fancy band. Instead, it’s just an iPhone wrapped around someone’s arm. Take a look:

Introducing the Maker Series, OtterBox

The popular case maker has grown tired of making products. Instead, they are now offering blueprints so that you can make iPhones cases for yourself.

I'm feeling confused, Bing

Microsoft's search site Bing looks a lot like that of the competition. Do a search from "Google" and you'll see what we mean.

Birchbox Man x Nair, Birchbox

Show your partner how much you love ... Batman, and Superman with an exclusive set of Chest Hair Stencils!

The Languages of Gorillas, "Good Morning America"

The No. 1 morning show in the U.S. might have caught some viewers asleep when they reported that scientists have figured out a way to talk back and worth with gorillas. It was Kim Kardashian-approved.

Google Nose, Google

The most popular search provider unveiled a new product, Google Nose. Yes, it is exactly what you think it would be. Take a look:

 What was your favorite joke of the day?

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