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Disney's Club Penguin Launches On iPad With My Penguin App

Disney's Club Penguin Launches On iPad With My Penguin App

May 9, 2013
Disney’s Club Penguin, a popular virtual world for children, is now available on iPad. The new My Penguin app is available in the App Store. The free app allows Club Penguin’s millions of players to access some of their favorite games and activities from the virtual world. In addition, users are able to earn coins and items for their penguin on the go. When connected to Wi-Fi, My Penguin will sync with the virtual world in real-time, allowing players to transfer items and coins that they earn in the app, and customize their penguin avatar. And for the first time, players will be able to access the popular Club Penguin Blog, and video channels together in one place. According to Chris Heatherly, vice president and general manager, Disney Interactive Worlds:
With the launch of the My Penguin app, we will give players the games and activities that they love most about the Club Penguin experience. This app is just the beginning for us as we provide an increasingly connected mobile experience for Club Penguin players around the world.
My Penguin features four of the most popular games from Club Penguin including Pufflescape, Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup, and Ice Fishing. The app also features a new game for mobile, Sushi Drop, which gives players the chance to win coins, bonus items, and treasure. Other features include:
  • Shop for fashions in the Penguin Style catalog and unlock mobile exclusive items and styles
  • Sync items and coins to use between the app and
  • Throw snowballs at penguin friends online and add new buddies
  • Watch the newest videos and get sneak peeks on the ‘What’s New Blog’
Club Penguin first launched in 2005. The online experience for children uses filtering technology, and has live moderators. In addition, Club Penguin contains no third-party advertising, and is free to use. Subscriptions, however, add additional features that enhance the play experience. My Penguin is available to download here. [gallery]

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