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First There Were Tweets, Now There Are Voboks

First There Were Tweets, Now There Are Voboks

May 15, 2013
Vobok allows iOS and Android users to send 30-second sound bites to family and friends, or post them to social networks. Built on its own social network, Vobok for iOS first launched in December, and was recently updated. It lets users post brief recordings called Voboks within the app’s feed, or on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, users can send private voice messages via email, and also attach trending topics and images with Voboks to make posts more dynamic. According to Priyam Parikh, the founder and CEO of Vobok Inc.:
Just like Twitter introduced 140 characters for concise social media updates, Vobok introduces 30 second sound bites. From hearing the latest news in 30 seconds or less to safely sending a friend a message while driving, Vobok plans to be the voice of Twitter and Facebook in the new age of communication.
The first time Vobok is initiated, you’ll be asked to sign up for a free account. This can be completed via your Facebook or Twitter login or through email. From there, creating Voboks is as easy as selecting either “broadcast” or “messages.” Under broadcast, users are able to create 30-second voice clips that are posted via Vobok. From this screen, you can also select Facebook and/or Twitter. This is accomplished by hitting the “send” button after recording a clip. For good measure, you can also listen to the clip prior to posting, record it again, or delete it. You can also add an image to the file. Messages works the same way. In this case, however, the clip that is created is only shared via email. Voboks are stored on Amazon servers. As a result, anyone one can listen to a clip, regardless of whether they are actually a Vobok user. All that is needed is an Internet connection and browser. Like other social networks, Vobok encourages you to follow other users. Plus, Vobok 2.1 includes the ability to send out invitations to family and friends to encourage them to become part of the Vobok community. This process, however, is entirely voluntary. Vobok is available now for iPhone by clicking this download link. [gallery]

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