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New Mac Pro Models Likely To Be Unveiled At WWDC

New Mac Pro Models Likely To Be Unveiled At WWDC

May 31, 2013
Apple is a very secretive company. As a result, you never know when new products are coming, or current ones are getting refreshed, until Cupertino says so. However, Apple can’t hide everything. Publicly available inventory levels for Apple products often suggest when an update is coming. A gigantic hat tip goes out to MacTrast’s J. Glenn Künzler who recently took a look at Mac Pro retail supplies across the U.S. What he found was that the entry-level Mac Pro is in short supply. In fact, the “vast majority” were either out of stock or had very limited quantities available. Here is what Kunzler found, as of 10 a.m. MDT, May 31, for item number MD770LL/A:
Backordered or out of stock: Limited stock:
  • MicroCenter: In-store pickup only, limited stock
  • In stock, but limited supply
  • Best Buy: In stock, but I called, and was told they have a very limited supply.
In stock: Apple Retail Stores: In stock at most locations (I checked stores in about a dozen major cities).
Apple CEO Tim Cook promised last year that something new for pro-level Mac users would be arriving in 2013. With the Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled to begin on Monday, June 10, that time could soon be here. As the start of WWDC gets closer, we'll also be taking a look at inventory levels for key Apple products. Until then, stay tuned. See also: Here Is One Apple Product That Should Be Refreshed At WWDC.

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