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Remember The Clumsy Ninja Game Demoed By Apple Last Fall? It's Still Coming

Remember The Clumsy Ninja Game Demoed By Apple Last Fall? It's Still Coming

May 30, 2013
Moments after Apple unveiled the fifth-generation iPod touch last fall, NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil demoed a new game for iOS called Clumsy Ninja, which was supposed to arrive in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, the game was never released, and we heard very little about it again until this week. Emma McGonigle, NaturalMotion talent manager recently responded to a question on Twitter from about the game. The exchange is as follows: Obviously, “its coming” tells us very little about the game, including when it will be released in the App store. Nonetheless, since NaturalMotion has been largely silent about Clumsy Ninja for six months, even a little bit of information makes for some pretty big news. Apple allowed NaturalMotion to demo Clumsy Ninja in the first place because it uses the promising new Euphoria Engine. This technology, which was developed by NaturalMotion and Oxford University, powers an artificial intelligence character based on a real-time simulated body and central nervous system. As described last September by NaturalMotion:
Due to its real-time simulation and advanced artificial intelligence, Clumsy Ninja will act differently every time – and is able to learn over time. The combination of a truly interactive character and intuitive touch screen input creates an experience like no other – a character that feels alive and is self aware.
Here is the original demonstration:

Hopefully, Clumsy Ninja’s launch is getting closer to becoming a reality. At next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, perhaps? Via:  

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