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The New iSurveyThis App For iPad Offers Insights On The Go

For those that conduct surveys for a living, we’ve got some news for you. The new iSurveyThis app is now available in the App Store. It allows people to create, conduct, and summarize surveys directly on your iPad. Created by Salik Nur, the $4.99 app supports three types of questions, including multiple choice, ranking, and a free-form text box. You can also include an introductory paragraph within any survey. The multiple-choice question gives respondents a list of potential choices, and asks them to make a selection. You may decide whether they can select only one choice, or multiple. Answers are tabulated with two calculations displayed for each choice. These include a count showing the number of times a choice is selected, plus a percentage showing the count divided by the total number of responses collected. A ranking question, by contrast, is used to ask respondents to rank a given set of choices. The results are displayed in a table format with the choices shown in descending order of cumulative rank weight. Finally, the free-form text box is used when a comment to a question or statement is necessary. These answers get reported inside a table, presented in random order. All survey summaries are compiled and put into PDF format. These documents can be printed or emailed directly from the app. The iSurveyThis app is available now in the App Store. [gallery]
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