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AppAdvice Daily: Comparing iOS 6 And iOS 7 Native Apps

  There have been lots of screen shots of the redesigned native apps in iOS 7 floating around. You guys may have even seen some video right here on the show. But, in order to see how drastically different the new apps are compared to the old ones we had to do a side by side comparison of iOS 6 versus iOS 7. We will walk you through the Calendar, Camera, Maps, Safari, and the rest to see how they compare. Remember this is just for fun, and much of what you see today might not even be included in the final release of iOS 7, but it does give us some insight as to what direction Apple is taking. On a side note, I mention in the video that there is no more Voice Memo app, however a recent report shows that it is indeed on its way back and will have a new icon.
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