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Apple Is Now Allowing Developers To Transfer Apps To Others

Apple Is Now Allowing Developers To Transfer Apps To Others

June 10, 2013
We’ve heard from sources that Apple is making it easier for developers to transfer apps to other companies or individuals. This is necessary when there is an acquisition or when a distribution deal expires. This new option doesn’t affect the app’s availability in the App Store. Additionally, the app’s ratings and reviews are also transferred. To qualify, developers must have an active account, and have at least one approved version of the app available. Other requirements include:
  • You have accepted the most current version of your contracts
  • Your app has at least one approved version
  • Your app is in the Ready for Sale, Invalid Binary, Rejected, Developer Rejected, or Developer Removed from Sale state
  • Any associated In-App Purchases are in the Ready to Submit, Ready for Sale, Rejected, Developer Removed from Sale, or Approved state
  • You know the Apple ID of the recipient’s Team Agent and their Team ID
If we hear more about this, we'll certainly let you know.

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