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Cydia Tweak: Disable All Of Your Alarms With A Single Swipe In The Clock App

Cydia Tweak: Disable All Of Your Alarms With A Single Swipe In The Clock App

June 27, 2013
This new Cydia tweak won’t be for everyone, but if you’re in need of a quick way to disable all of your alarms at once, it may come in handy. With a name like Pull to Disable Alarms, you probably already have a good idea of this tweak's only feature. Within the Clock app, you’ll be able to turn off all of your alarms utilizing Apple’s pull to refresh feature found in certain areas of iOS. Like I said, this tweak may not be useful for a lot of people, but it provides a specific feature that some may enjoy. Check out our video overview below:

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One feature that would make this tweak a little better is the ability to re-enable your alarms by swiping again. In its current state, Pull to Disable Alarms will only disable them, but it may save you some time instead of manually disabling each alarm you have set. There are no settings to configure for this tweak. Pull to Disable Alarms adds a simple feature to your jailbroken device. That being said, this tweak is completely free. If you’re interested, you can pick it up in the BigBoss repository now. For other great jailbreak information, check out: How Much Does iOS 7 Borrow From The Jailbreak Scene?, How To Make iOS 6 Look Like iOS 7, and NCEnough Shortens Notification Center Based On Its Contents.

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