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Cydia Tweak: WiPi Makes It Easy To Select A Wi-Fi Network Anywhere In iOS

Cydia Tweak: WiPi Makes It Easy To Select A Wi-Fi Network Anywhere In iOS

June 14, 2013
I’m a big fan of toggle tweaks for iOS. These type of tweaks allow you to access certain features that would normally only be accessible through the Settings app. We've seen quite a few toggles added in iOS 7, but in my opinion, the jailbreak community still wins the toggle innovation award. WiPi is a new Cydia tweak that takes the concept of a toggle in a completely different direction. Sure, there are Cydia tweaks that allow you to enable or disable Wi-Fi, but WiPi allows you to select which Wi-Fi network you’d like to connect to. On a side note, WiPi was created by one of the developers behind Velox, so you know it's built with quality in mind. Using an Activator method, you can pull up a simple dialog box that will give you the option to choose a Wi-Fi network. Sounds pretty simple, right? Check out our video overview below:

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As you can see in our video overview, WiPi can be very handy. Within the Settings app, you'll find the option to set up WiPi's Activator method. Once you've set it up, it can be used anywhere within iOS. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to change networks or connect to a new one, this tweak will save you the hassle of going into the Settings app. Overall, I’m a big fan of small tweaks like WiPi. They add a lot of functionality without cluttering the user experience in iOS. Currently, WiPi is available in the BigBoss repository for free.

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