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Are You Ready? Evomail Hits The iPhone And Goes Free

Are You Ready? Evomail Hits The iPhone And Goes Free

June 12, 2013
You've been waiting, and now it's finally here: Evomail is now available for iPhone. The Gmail client, which arrived earlier this year for iPad, also comes with a new price. Featuring push notifications, gestures, and folders, Evomail has been described by its creators as “beautiful, frictionless, and simple.” Our own Christine Chan agrees. In her May review of the iPad version, Chan called Evomail, “clean, minimal, and elegant, all while being simple to use.” Evomail also includes email sharing via Twitter, Facebook, and SMS. With the app update, the Evomail team has moved to a freemium model. In other words, the app is now free, instead of $2.99. More advanced features will be announced later this year that will be available through an in-app purchase. While I'm thrilled to see Evomail jump to iPhone, one key limitation remains -- it only works with Gmail. Luckily, that will soon change. We've been told by the Evomail team that other IMAP email providers will be added to the mix within the next 30 days. To download your free copy of Evomail, click here. See also: Mail Pilot Coming To Mac, Sign Up For An Invitation Now, and Get A Bird's Eye View Of Your Inbox With Birdseye Mail For iPad. [gallery]

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