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Find The Best Deals Near You With BuyVia 2.0 On iPad

BuyVia has announced the release of a new geo-local daily deal feature. The feature provides the ability to receive curated daily deals within a 10-mile radius of the user’s immediate location. First launched for iOS in November, BuyVia is a cloud-based app and website that provides an all-in-one smart shopping solution across multiple platforms. By using the service, you are able to quickly and easily find products at the best price. The free BuyVia app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad will remind many of Price Check by Amazon. However, BuyVia is different in one important way. Unlike Price Check, which naturally hopes to persuade shoppers to make their purchase through Amazon, BuyVia reports prices using an unbiased approach. The new daily deal feature arrives with the BuyVia 2.0 update and is uniquely available on the iPad. Using a quality content algorithm, BuyVia delivers daily deals from a number of sources, including Groupon, Living Social, and more. With the BuyVia iPad app, users can set product and vendor preferences, and develop a shopping list. They can also save barcode scans from their visits to stores, and set a desired price on any given product. [caption id="attachment_425344" align="aligncenter" width="450"]BuyVia BuyVia[/caption] According to Norman Fong, CEO and co-founder of BuyVia:
Rather than having to follow deals from multiple streams and emails, consumers can now find the best products and deals possible—whether they’re found online or around the block, without tedious and time-consuming research.
Full BuyVia 2.0 iPad features include:
  • Filtered Daily Deals feature within a local radius from all leading deal sites, including Groupon, Living Social and many more
  • Merges the app and website experience with easy access to our Two Cents Blog
  • See more deals and related products at one time using the iPad’s larger screen
  • Access online coupons from credible merchants
  • Utilize the fully synchronized alerts, shopping list, and other features with our iPhone and web based version
  • Includes even more local coupons for leading merchants based on activity recognition
  • User interface enhancements
  • Now available for multiple operating systems, with synchronized shopping between all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers
BuyVia is available now in the App Store. [gallery]
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