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Preview: SemiRestore Will Restore Your Device And Keep Its Jailbreak

Preview: SemiRestore Will Restore Your Device And Keep Its Jailbreak

June 5, 2013
Lately, there’s been a lot of exciting news surrounding the ability to restore a jailbroken device to near stock condition. These new restore tools will wipe out everything on an iOS device, but keep its jailbreak. SemiRestore is an upcoming tool that makes this process quick and painless. Previously, we covered the SemiRestore tool, but the process was a bit tedious and required the end-user to be comfortable running commands within Terminal. Since our last look at this amazing tool, the developer has put together a very simple GUI that works much like any of the one-click jailbreak tools you may have used in the past. When SemiRestore is officially released, all you’ll have to do is plug in your device and click a button. The tool will wipe out all apps, tweaks, and settings leaving you with a device that’s nearly back to its stock iOS condition as it was the day you purchased it. Though, as I mentioned, your jailbreak will be retained and Cydia will still be present on the home screen. Check out our video overview of SemiRestore for Mac:

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This tool will help save thousands of iOS devices when its released. Prior to these amazing tools, if you had issues with a jailbroken device, you’d be forced to update to the latest version of iOS while performing a restore through iTunes. SemiRestore changes everything. This is a painless restore process and I’m sure you’ll love it once it’s available. It's also important to note that SemiRestore should be used as a last resort. This isn't something that you should do often unless it's absolutely necessary. SemiRestore will be available soon for Mac, PC, and Linux. This tool will be compatible with all devices running iOS 5 or higher. More information can be found on the tool's official website. Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s released. Check out our video overview of SemiRestore and let us know what you think in the comments.

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