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UFO Files UK Hopes To Convince Us That Something Is Out There

In 2008, the United Kingdom began releasing a series of once classified UFO files. The files, which now number 5,000 UFO sightings going back 25 years, are categorized and mapped in a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. UFO Files UK features over 400 pages from the original government files. Developed by Black Plaques in association with The National Archives, the app launches as the final set of files is released to the public. However, UFO Files UK is more than a celestial trip through the history books. The app’s creators also hope that it will serve as a way for users to help solve the mystery of UFOs once and for all. Users are encouraged to share their findings using the share button in the app or on the UFO Files UK Facebook page. It is here where users can log their own UFO sightings. [caption id="attachment_432757" align="aligncenter" width="571"]UFO Files UK on iPhone UFO Files UK on iPhone[/caption] According to John Ambrose Hide, Black Plaques - co-creator of UFO Files UK:
UFOs and government files on them have always been a source of fascination. For the first time all official sightings are brought together so anyone - believer or skeptic, can play with the app and make up their own mind.
For anyone who has ever wondered whether there is life beyond our heavens, this is likely the app for you. UFO Files UK is available now exclusively in the App Store.
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