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What Does Apple's iOS 7 Look Like On The iPad? We'll Show You

What Does Apple's iOS 7 Look Like On The iPad? We'll Show You

June 24, 2013
It took an extra two weeks, but iOS 7 is now available for the iPad and iPad mini. At least to developers, of course. Here are some of the first screenshots of Apple's newest iOS version on the iPad. We hope that you enjoy!


Settings app - with Flickr and Vimeo integration

Settings App with Flickr, Vimeo Integration

App Store

Adding an app to Wish List

Notification Center

Control Center


Auto App Updates

We'll have much more to say about the second iOS 7 beta in the coming days. In fact, we're already working on videos showing the newest release on iPhone and iPad. As a reminder, iOS 7 will be released to the public this fall. Until then, developers will be testing multiple beta versions. The first of these was released on iPhone only on June 10. The second arrived earlier today, June 24, on iPhone and iPad. In the meantime, see: Latest iOS 7 Beta Includes Ability To Stream Videos That Aren't Stored On Your DeviceThe Nike + iPod App Also Returns In iOS 7 Beta 2, and Apple Changes The Reminders App In Second iOS 7 Beta.

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