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Apple Confirms That Its Developer Center Has Been Down Because It Was Hacked

Apple Confirms That Its Developer Center Has Been Down Because It Was Hacked

July 21, 2013
Apple just sent an email out explaining why the developer center has been down for so long. Someone hacked their way in, and tried to get information about developers from the site. The statement from Apple explains:
Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website. Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed, however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed. In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you of the issue. We took the site down immediately on Thursday and have been working around the clock since then. In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database. We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.
So, although the site is currently still down, it sounds like we can expect it to be back up very soon. And also we hope it will be more secure, but that could take some time. The worrisome thing, though, is that they're rebuilding it. Hopefully that doesn't mean that whoever got in had been in longer than Apple thought. There is no word on whose information got out or not, but we'll keep you updated if we find anything else out about who was affected.

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