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Apple's App Store Turns 5: Relive The Milestones And Best Apps Of All Time

Apple's App Store Turns 5: Relive The Milestones And Best Apps Of All Time

July 10, 2013
On July 10, 2008, the App Store was born. Five years later, customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps, with approximately 850,000 individual apps currently available for free or sale in Apple’s store. On the day the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the App Store, it contained 500 third-party apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, 25 percent of which were free. During its first weekend, the App Store saw initial downloads totaling 10 million. As Jobs said at the time:
The App Store is a grand slam, with a staggering 10 million applications downloaded in just three days. Developers have created some extraordinary applications, and the App Store can wirelessly deliver them to every iPhone and iPod touch user instantly.

The first commercial

Take a look at the very first advertisement for the App Store:

Favorite moments

Earlier this week, Apple posted a special section in iTunes called "5 Years of the App Store." The section, which is also available via the App Store app in iOS, features two sub-sections, Apps + Games, and Milestones. Here are our favorite milestones of each year:
  • 2008: By December, the Facebook for iPhone app had been downloaded nearly 5 million times.
  • 2009: In April, the App Store celebrated its 1 billionth download.
  • 2010: On April 3, the first iPad is released.
  • 2011: The HBO Go app arrives.
  • 2012: On March 29, Paper by Fifty-Three launches. A few months later it becomes the iPad App of the Year.
  • 2013 (so far): On June 10, Apple CEO Tim Cook announces that developers have made a combined $10 billion in the App Store.

Everyone's favorite apps

The most popular apps of all time, as of May 2013 when Apple announced the 50 billionth download: For the top 25 all-time paid iPhone apps:
  1. Angry Birds
  2. Fruit Ninja
  3. Doodle Jump
  4. Cut the Rope
  5. Angry Birds Seasons
  6. WhatsApp Messenger
  7. Camera+
  8. Words With Friends
  9. Tiny Wings
  10. Angry Birds Space
  11. Pocket God
  12. Plants vs. Zombies
  13. The Game of Life Classic Edition
  14. The Moron Test
  15. Where’s My Water?
  16. Draw Something
  17. Monopoly
  18. Angry Birds Star Wars
  19. MotionX GPS Drive
  20. Skee-Ball
  21. Scrabble
  22. UNO
  23. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  24. Color Splash
  25. The Sims 3
For the top 25 all-time free iPhone apps:
  1. Facebook
  2. Pandora Radio
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Skype
  6. Words With Friends Free
  7. The Weather Channel
  8. Twitter
  9. Temple Run
  10. Google Search
  11. Netflix
  12. Shazam
  13. Angry Birds Free
  14. Draw Something Free
  15. Flashlight Ⓞ
  16. Facebook Messenger
  17. Google Earth
  18. Fruit Ninja Free
  19. iHeartRadio
  20. Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes
  21. Bump
  22. eBay
  23. PAC-MAN Lite
  24. Groupon
  25. Google Maps
For the top 25 all-time paid iPad apps:
  1. Pages
  2. Angry Birds HD
  3. Angry Birds Seasons HD
  4. Where’s My Water?
  5. Fruit Ninja HD
  6. Angry Birds Space HD
  7. GarageBand
  8. Words With Friends HD
  9. Cut the Rope HD
  10. Keynote
  11. Numbers
  12. Angry Birds Star Wars HD
  13. GoodReader for iPad
  14. Scrabble HD for iPad
  15. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  16. Plants vs. Zombies HD
  17. Notability
  18. Monopoly for iPad
  19. Quickoffice Pro HD
  20. Star Walk HD
  21. Draw Something
  22. iMovie
  23. iPhoto
  24. Where’s My Perry?
  25. Bad Piggies HD
And finally, for the top 25 all-time free iPad apps:
  1. Skype for iPad
  2. The Weather Channel for iPad
  3. Netflix
  4. Angry Birds HD Free
  5. Kindle
  6. Facebook
  7. Pandora Radio
  8. Calculator for iPad Free
  9. Fruit Ninja HD Free
  10. Words With Friends HD Free
  11. Google Earth
  12. ABC Player
  13. Calculator Pro for iPad Free
  14. Temple Run
  15. YouTube
  16. eBay for iPad
  17. CNN App for iPad
  18. Dropbox
  19. Adobe Reader
  20. Twitter
  21. Solitaire
  22. NYTimes for iPad
  23. Temple Run 2
  24. Hulu Plus
  25. Draw Something Free
Happy anniversary, App Store. What a great ride it has been! See also: Infinity Blade II And More Go Free In Celebration Of App Store's 5th Anniversary.

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