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Musician’s Corner: Voice Bot Is Robo-tastic

Musician’s Corner: Voice Bot Is Robo-tastic

July 22, 2013
Welcome back to another edition of Musician’s Corner where we talk about apps and accessories for musicians and fans of music. Last week, we told you about the visual based music app Chordion. With it, you can be a great songwriter without even trying. This week, we found a fun voice modulation app that will make you sound like a robot. Now, you can turn your electronica music into the ultimate robo-dance. Voice Bot is a real time channel “vocoder” that turns your voice into a crazy sounding digital mess. You will be able to twist, tweak, and manipulate your speech and singing into an unearthly and inhuman sound that will blend perfectly with your synth beats. To use Voice Bot, just talk into your iPad or iPhone’s microphone. The app will automatically modulate the sound. For additional enhancement, touch the virtual keyboard and change the pitch of the sound you hear. Voice Bot features an eight-channel oscillator that includes saw, square, noise, and two pulse adjusters so you can modify the frequency in a multitude of ways. The Pitch LFO lets you twist your voice and control the amount and frequency used. You can smudge the digital frames with the Window Smudge. This feature will remove all traces of human voice and turn the sound into a pure robot. The Flanger and Delay add a chorus effect that gives off a wavy vibe. Record and loop samples of the pure modulator signal for additional effects. This app is Core MIDI compatible so you can control the voice modulations from an external keyboard through the camera connector kit and a USB connector or over local Wi-Fi with a compatible device. Voice Bot is compatible with Audiobus, so you can layer it on top of all manner of interesting effects and then record the finished sounds through another compatible recording app. I recommend downloading it on the iPad over the iPhone if you have a choice. The controls are very small and difficult to access on the iPhone screen. The larger screen size makes it easier for you to increase and decrease effects because the controls are bigger. The best part is that Voice Bot is only $0.99. You can fine tune and adjust the sound of your voice in a number of different ways with this fun modulation app at a price that doesn’t make you feel like you’re losing your nuts and bolts. Check out what Voice Bot can do by watching the clip below. Click here if you are having trouble viewing it for a direct link on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by Musician’s Corner. If you have any suggestions for apps or accessories you think we should feature, just drop me a line or leave a comment below.

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