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Prince Decries Technology, Doesn't Own An iPhone

Prince Decries Technology, Doesn't Own An iPhone

July 5, 2013
Prince doesn’t own an iPhone. In fact, it doesn’t look like the singer owns any smartphone, according to V Magazine. Asked whether he owns Apple's top-selling device, Prince states “Are you serious? Hell, no.” He then suggested that society is too hung up on gadgets. "Where is my phone? Can you call my phone? Oh, I can't find it." This isn’t the first time Prince has criticized devices many of us couldn't live without. In 2011, he criticized the use of ringtones and said that he didn’t own a phone. He has also admitted that he can’t stand digital music. Asked by V Magazine how he felt about the “return of vinyl,” he noted, “it never left.” As he explained:
Think about a young person listening to Joni Mitchell for the frst time on vinyl. You know how fun that is? Whoa, we gonna be here a minute.
Despite his opinion on digital music, his entire collection is available on iTunes. Prince’s disdain for technology is admirable on some level. Of course, who needs Siri when you can surround yourself with real assistants 24/7? Besides, it has probably been awhile since Prince needed directions to the nearest gas station. See also: Go Gaga With Lady Gaga And Other Global Pop Acts In Groove Coaster Zero, and AppAdvice Daily: We Take iRadio For A Test Drive.  

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