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This New iOS 7 Beta Glitch Lets You Hide Stock Apps

This New iOS 7 Beta Glitch Lets You Hide Stock Apps

July 9, 2013
Over the past couple of weeks, several glitches have been found in iOS 7. The first glitch allowed you to put apps inside of Newsstand, but as expected, Apple recently patched it in iOS 7 beta 3. Another great glitch that still works in beta 3 is the ability to create nested folders. If you’d like to learn more about that process, check out our tutorial using this link. Today, we have a new glitch that works across iOS 7 beta 2 and 3. This glitch will allow you to hide any stock iOS apps. Like the nested folders hack, this gem was discovered by VBarraquito from Twitter. If you’d like to hide stock apps running iOS 7 beta 3, check out our video tutorial below:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

As shown in the video above, to successfully hide stock apps, you’ll need to set up your home screen properly. Make sure that the first page of your home screen in completely full. Any apps that you’d like to hide should be moved to the dock. You’ll also need to have a folder available on the first page to execute this properly. Next, you’ll need to tap and hold on an app on the dock and immediately double press the home button. Once the multitask switcher opens, tap on the home screen preview. Now, you’ll notice that the app used on the dock is larger and slightly tinted when compared to the others. Open the folder on your home screen, then back out of it and press the home button. The app you've chosen to hide will now vanish from the home screen. The only way you’ll be able to access this app is through Spotlight search. You can perform this action as much as needed to hide any unwanted iOS apps. If you’d like to restore the hidden apps, reboot your device and they will return to your home screen. If these instructions aren’t clear enough, please check out our video overview for a closer look at this process. If you’ve found any useful glitches in iOS 7 beta 3, please let us know. Send us an email and we may feature your glitch in a future article.

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