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Buy It Now: An iPhone 5C Prototype Is Now Available On eBay

Buy It Now: An iPhone 5C Prototype Is Now Available On eBay

August 26, 2013
Want to be the first person in your neighborhood with a least a piece of an iPhone 5C? Head over to eBay, where “arman_noori” is selling a “REAL PROTOTYPE Apple iPhone 5C!” As you can see, the prototype comes in white, and is available for a “Buy It Now” price of just $50. The description reads:
This is a REAL PROTOTYPE of the Apple iPhone 5C! This includes the back housing of the soon-to-be released iPhone 5C! This is non-working phone. This version is the white version, I do have more colors. I have  a few more back housings to put up once this one sells. If you are interested in the details be sure to message me. Also if you bid on this item and win, and want a different color, send me a message and I'll see what I can do!
The prototype looks like most of the recently leaked images of Apple’s long rumored budget iPhone. It features the Apple logo and iPhone name, plus has room for speakers and a microphone. You can also see a headphone jack and Lightning port on the bottom of the device. Missing are the usual FCC and other regulatory logos that are always below the iPhone product name. Also missing is a picture of the left side of the component, where you would find room for the volume buttons, and mute switch. If you're interested in buying this item, I'd advise doing it very soon. One call from Apple to eBay and this item is likely to be pulled. The iPhone 5C is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5S early next month. Via: AppleInsider

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